What to Know About the Alpha Romeo 159

January 2, 2015   /   byPatty Caro  / Categories :  Alfa Cars, Uncategorized
open road

An open road, a great one in which to drive an Alpha Romeo 159. Taken by Bruce Cooner.

The Alpha Romeo was built in the tears between 2006-2011, and in this period of time, over 240,000 Alpha Romeo 159’s were built. The varying models and options that are available for this car are nearly endless, especially because some countries have their own requirements for what the car needed to display. The model was sold in several countries around the world, making it difficult to keep up with the designs.

The Alpha Romeo was designed by an Italian manufacturer, but was produced by Fiat and General Motors. The 159 was created as an updated version of the Alpha Romeo 156, the previous model which was made in 1996. It continued until about 2007, which was then replaced by the 159 production. The 159 had placed 3rd in the European car show, but that doesn’t mean it still doesn’t have a lot to offer.

The style of the 159 represents a very Italian-looking design. Giorgetto Giugiaro was the main designer and contributer of this elegant vehicle in collaboration with the Centro Stile Alpha Romeo. The front of the car shows a V-shaped hood and circular headlights. This modern Italian design is very classy, and shows everyone a lovely design, without losing the very high function of the vehicle. The car, overall, has many curves and shapes making it stick out and is recognized by anyone familiar with the car industry. The car was supposed to appear as large as possible, to appeal to car markets in the unites States. However, the car was actually never sold in the USA. It remained mostly in Europe for it’s duration.

There were four trim models that were designed throughout the cars years of production. These included the progression, distinctive, exclusive, and tourismo. These were the ones available in Europe, and there were another three trim models available for those in the United Kingdom. These included the touriso, lusso, and the tourismo international. There was also a model that was available as a sports wagon which came out in 2006 as well, but not as many of these cars were made. For more information on the models and the types of cars that were available, the Alpha Romeo 159 model website is a great resource for those wanting to learn more about this stylish car.

The Alpha Romeo 159 is available in both front wheel drive and in four wheel drive. This is important for cars such as this, because it shows its forte in function as well as style. The Alpha Romeo is also one of the safest cars made of this time. It received a five star rating on passenger safety, and four stars for children. This high mark is crucial to one’s reassurance that they will be protected in all situations in which the could, unfortunately, end up. Safety for children is even more important, for families want their loved ones protected no matter what the circumstances are. The rating for pedestrians was quite low, but most of the cars of this time were also given the same, if not less, of a rating.

The Alpha Romeo 159 became famous after it appeared in some films. This included James Bond, The Girl Who Played With Fire, and Angels and Demons. When a car appears in a film, it provides a great source of advertising. This gives the company a huge boost of market, and may lead to the selling of many more cars. The task is difficult to get a specific car in a movie, and this car was lucky enough to be in three big hits. This obviously shows the amazing features of the Alpha Romeo 159 and all that it had to offer, regarding style.