Elegance for the Frugal Executive Alfa Romeo 159

August 5, 2014   /   byclubcovette  / Categories :  Alfa Cars, Uncategorized

The Alfa Romeo 159 has been studied and tested, weighed and measured, and considering how absolutely gorgeous and now even more affordable than ever, this modern work of mechanical art is, the only thing surprising is that production has stopped. The multitude of stylistic customization options available, strong safety options, gorgeous interior and exterior, the upgraded seating space and storage capacity, and most importantly, the exceptionally reduced expense, have set the Alfa Romeo 159 above and beyond the rest as a vehicle worthy of the frugal executive in everyone.

Red Alfa Romeo 159 Car

Lovely shot by Mark

Most ordinary people do not have the substantial income required for the expense of an executive luxury vehicle such as the Alfa Romeo 159 fresh and new off the lot, so now is the perfect time to act. Beautifully detailed exotic Italian cars are something rare and difficult to afford as an ordinary woman or man making an average salary.

  • The original listing price for the Alfa Romeo 159 was substantially affordable even when it was new, approximately £22,500.00 for the least expensive of the Sedan models and approximately £27,900.00 for the highest quality of the more spacious Sportwagon models. These prices have dropped down to as low as roughly £4000 to £20,000 for varying amounts of wear and tear and mileage that the individual used Alfa Romeo 159 has been through in its lifetime.
  • A new Alfa Romeo 159 would be difficult to find considering they have ceased being manufactured for several years now, and the final manufacturing total number of Alfa Romeo 159’s was estimated to be at approximately 240,000. The time to obtain one of these Alfa Romeo 159’s is limited as is their number, with prices expected to eventually rise as their numbers drop more and their rarity increases, demand from collectors will increase along with the asking prices.

It’s important to keep in mind just why these beautiful variants of the Alfa Romeo 159 are worth any expense, big or small.

  • The stylish look and feel of the interior with its exceptionally classy higher quality materials specifically chosen and designed with defeating the Alfa Romeo 159’s competitors in the beautiful interior design department, is certainly one of the most attractive features.
  • The spacious upgrades for the Alfa Romeo 159’s weight capacity, interior space for passengers, enhanced leg room, and even greater room for trunk space meant to upgrade the Alfa 159 beyond its predecessor the Alfa Romeo 156, set it above and beyond many of its contemporary competitors.
  • The extensive safety features that come with every standard Alfa Romeo 159 (seven airbags come standard) are certainly noteworthy but for the modest price increase to upgrade from the standard Alfa Romeo 159 to the Turismo Internazionale one can have (among other extra features) a Fire Prevention System as well as driver, passenger, front side, window and driver knee airbags. Given just one of these lovely indulgent little bonus qualities alone can make almost any individual feel like quite the executive, but with all of them rolled up into one gorgeous package, many people will now have access to driving and feeling like a rock star.

The one looming issue that may spread a pall over such good news for anyone looking to purchase an Alfa Romeo 159 is that it is hard to see how long the frugal window will remain open and how many of those 240,000 manufactured Alfa Romeo 159’s will be left.