Alfa Romeo 159: Options and You

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The Alfa Romeo 159 has a quality that one would be hard pressed to find in other cars of its class: options. Across the board this vehicle has a variety of features and styles to customize its appeal to the preferences of the individual owner, while still satisfying the most important and practical needs of any motorist.

Alfa Romeo 159

Alfa Romeo 159: Options & You

Upon first inspection, one will recognize a key feature that is present in any rendition of the Alfa Romeo 159: style. Originally the Alfa Romeo 159 was introduced in 2005 and built as a replacement for the Alfa Romeo 156, though some automotive aficionados may not consider it to be a direct upgrade from the Alfa Romeo 156, by and large it has been better received than its predecessor. The exceptionally aesthetically pleasing design was crafted from none other than the mind of Giorgetto Giugiaro (a man responsible for the design of over one hundred vehicles, considered to be a genius of engineering by many and named car designer of the century in 1999) in a collaborative work with the Centro Stile Alfa Romeo in Italy. There are four trim options available for the Alfa Romeo 159: Distinctive, Exclusive, Progression and Turismo Internazionale along with a Sportwagon variant. The Sportwagon variant may not be as much of a work of art on wheels as the four types of trim for the traditional Sedan version, but it offers the invaluably practical aspect of additional space for anyone who is used to having many passengers at a time. The elegant and strong design characteristics such as the V-shaped (similar to a shield or even crest-like) front grill and the sleek hood over a trio of headlights on the left and right sides offer a sense of authority or importance to the vehicle. This is something that has not gone unnoticed as there are local police forces in Italy that have (with their own custom paint jobs of course) used the Alfa Romeo 159. Outside of Italy, it is likely to be noticed more as a well-crafted luxury vehicle. In England the Alfa Romeo 159 has been featured in such films as “Welcome to the Punch” and “Quantum of Solace.” So even beyond Italy one can see that the Alfa Romeo 159 has had its style recognized and admired however sadly for those in the United States it was not originally exported there.

Aside from style, which most people would closely associate with any Italian vehicle, the Alfa Romeo 159 does have substance as well. Boasting a much more spacious interior than its predecessor the Alfa Romeo 156, greater leg and head room for all passengers, and larger trunk space, the Alfa Romeo 159 quickly solves the complaints of limited and often uncomfortable seating that the Alfa Romeo 156 had. The pragmatic approach of these greater options in comfort and style are certainly well-received however the practicality of the Alfa Romeo 159 does not stop there, it also has very strong safety ratings for adult and child passengers (five out of four stars for adult passengers and four out of five stars for child passengers according to the European New Car Assessment Programme).

Considering all of the style and substance that comes with the Alfa Romeo 159, it is surprising that it could be so affordable. Perhaps one can blame a lack of publicity or not marketing more to the United States but this vehicle’s limited number has stopped being manufactured and has been exceptionally competitive in the used car market.